Monday, March 16, 2009

Gobshiteing About Photography When One Should Be Working

Where they kept the bombs in a B52

I've got four items to write for the Famous Exam Board, and as usual when I should be writing, I'm finding every excuse to put it off.

I watched the last part of the BBC series The Genius of Photography and was very impressed indeed by Richard Billingham, especially the fact that he didn't start out as a photographer, but just wanted to paint his father, who wouldn't sit still long enough. I was also impressed by something Nan Goldin said (essentially) in her contribution, that we must photograph and be photographed by our own tribe.

With all of this in mind, I've been and gone and bought a Sporti 6 on eBay for £2. That's mostly because the Sporti I'm using now isn't flash-synching, and I want to do flash. The 6 also has more control over shutter speed (1/50 and 1/100), it goes open to f8, AND it takes filters (32mm, I didn't know there were such things) - which I need for outdoors to get the magnifico Atlantic clouds we get in Saltcoats.


Now I need to get on with writing exam items...