Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The course I wrote, taught and led at Aeronautical University was described as "brilliant" yesterday in a staff meeting by DoS. Yet I've got a sense of foreboding, a vague feeling that I've done something wrong, that I'm in some kind of trouble... Maybe it's just me. I'm desperate to get this week done, get paid, and get the fuck out of here. DoS has timetabled me in for next week but the thought fills me with horror. This is one of those organizations rendered sick by incompetent management.

ADoS was a pal of mine, but he seems to be in the huff. One of the teachers at Aeronautical University didn't like the other one, and diddn't want to come back here and work with him, so has decided to move on (and do an MA), and ADoS feels she's let the side down, and somehow I seem to have become complicit in that... It's weird, I know, and sounds paranoid when you write it like this, but that's the sort of place I'm working in.