Monday, April 07, 2008

A Developing Idea VI

Last night I went to the hold-light-lookfilm developer near Dahra, and the cheeky bastard charged me 5 Dinars - last time it was only 1. Well, that's him off my list. If I need any more colour developing, I'll go to the gentle looking guy with the questionable female visitors. (I don't understand the short-term thinking which makes some one greedy and decide to rip-off a foreigner - I mean, it's not like the twat had a monopoly on film development in Tripoli).

Anyhow, whilst I was in Dahra, I was looking at some of the dozens of shops there which sell computer peripherals. There were plenty of scanners available. I found one that would scan 35mm, though not 120. I didn't find either of the two I shortlisted in this post. I'm not ready to buy one yet, but think that I could probably get a 35mm/120 neg scanner in due course.

I won the auction for a Fed 2, and that should be waiting for me when I get home for a holiday next month. Now I'm looking out for a lens, probably a Jupiter 8.

Meanwhile, I'm learning to love the D50 again. I'll edit in a photo later - the connexion's too slow just now.