Friday, April 25, 2008

Trash Frog and Some Other Stuff

Sadalit has asked me to mention that her husband's band's name is Trash Frog, and I am pleased to do so. Trash Frog. And you can hear the song about women's hatred of their bottoms here. This is how going viral starts, you know.

Very good.

What a blogging day it's been. Obscure British cameras, guerrilla gardening, and now women's arses. I don't where it's all going to end.

I do know where it's all going to end for Jargonfish, on this blog anyway. Today. It was a mere irritation. The links it provided were uninteresting. The whole thing was pointless.

And finally, on the subject of obscure British cameras, in particular, the Periflex. You could get one on eBay, but it would cost upwards of £300, about the same as you'd pay for a Leica III. So I'll pass on that.