Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Developing Idea VIII

Right, that's it. My birthday was yesterday, and I'm going to leave off eBay for a spell... There's a Fed 2 on its way, like I said, from the Ukraine to Hebburn. But I got a bit worried when the seller said it would take 15 to 25 days to arrive, that it might come after the end of my approaching holiday, perhaps, I envisaged, on the very morning that I was flying back...

And so this morning, I bought another Fed 2, from a UK seller, buy-it-now. Yes, I know, now I'm going to have two identical cameras... But it was 6AM and I wasn't thinking straight... I AM thinking as straight as I ever will now, though, and that's why I'm promising to stay away from eBay.

I've now got TWO Fed 2s, and an Industar 61; the second Fed 2 comes with its kit lens, an Industar 26, which apparently is no great shakes. However, I suppose I've got a Fed 2 for, spare parts, and a bog standard lens... Maybe I could swap them? Or put them back on eBay?

I was looking for a film scanner, but the big problem I foresee with 2nd hand ones is the whole Vista compatibility thing... So I'd better leave that. You can get 35mm film scanners new for £60 or so, anyway.

Let this be a salutary lesson. I want a Zorki 4, and a whole set of Jupiter lenses, but I'll wait, for now.