Monday, April 28, 2008

Tripoli Noir II

This photo is yet another example of the perils of autofocus and the inadequacy of my D50's sensor at high iso. On the other hand, it gave me the idea of Tripoli as an incredibly noirish city. The Italian architecture and the fact that a lot of the men still wear suits as a matter of course.

This idea has been growing for the last few weeks. I even dreamt about it last night.

I got some advice about filters (don't) and film (Fuji Neopan 1600) on th Flickr B&W film group. There's actually a group for Fuji Neopan, and some of the results there are just what I'm after.

This photo, for example, is precisely the quality I want, that I can't get from a dslr without paying over a thousand quid for a new camera. Couple of thousand for an M8 - before you even buy a lens. Whereas: ten rolls of neopan, Russian rangefinder plus a couple of lenses, dev tank, chemicals, film scanner... less than £250 the lot. Not bad, eh? The cost of a dirty weekend rather than a holiday in Goa.

I'm going home in a few days for a holiday, and I can get the rangefinder(s) and lenses and filters and film I've bought on eBay. And get a film scanner and some more developing chemicals.