Friday, April 04, 2008

A Developing Idea IV

There's nowhere truly light proof in this bungalow during the day, but at night with the shutter down, and if I put something over the little red light on the air conditioning unit, well then it's dark in the bedroom.

I've made up the chemicals I bought in Newcastle, but there was my first blunder - I didn't read the instructions properly on the developer - you're supposed to mix the packets A and B separately at 40C, and then put them together, whereas I just bunged them both in a plastic litre water bottle and filled it up with tap water... So know I've put the bottle into warm water in behopes it'll break down the powder which has coagulated at the bottom of the bottle. What a numpty.

I've also been familiarising myself with the developing tank, getting advice from the diybw group on Flickr. And I've been re-reading the chromogenic site again. I've got a scrap of dead 120 film to practise on in the dark later, and a half finished roll of 120 in the Kodak 66, which I'll finish off tonight. So that'll be half Tyneside and half Tripoli exposures on that roll.

And then I'll be ready to rock and roll. I expect my developer man in Tripoli can scan it.

I feel like I was going to sit an exam or something... Watch this space!