Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obafemi Martins

He's without doubt the hardest working player on the park for Newcastle just now. But it looks as if they're making some serious cut backs in the wages for next season.

That article tells a story, though - football followers abroad, in Nigeria no doubt and certainly in Libya, don't see Newcastle as a team worth following - not unreasonably. I've no time for plutocrats, of course. But it should be the case that someone like Ashley, surely, wants Newcastle to be successful, get a higher profile, and sell masses of replica shirts around the world.

To do that, we need to be in the top four. Going on his past performance in flogging football tops, Ashley is no numpty at that business. Let us hope so. I hereby predict, in a typical Newcastle supporter's triumph of hope over experience, a remarkable couple of seasons ahead of us.

Keane had a crinkly mouth on Sunday. Let's hope it's Alex Ferguson that we give one to this time next year.

And let's give Martins a living wage, eh?