Friday, April 04, 2008

JargonFish/BlogCatalog Widget

I've fitted this widget to The Avenue, - give it a go. At first blush I'm not too impressed - it picks out high frequency words, and links them to places which bear no relevance to what I've been blogging about.

For example, yesterday's post about Fed 2s, it highlights "links", "home" and "lost". The first takes you to blogger links, (bloggers writing about bloggers is at best sad, at worst incestuous). It improves with "home": the first couple of links I'm thinking wtf? but the third is all about Newcastle's home game against reading on Saturday... So, it's getting smart. Hmm. And then I click on lost and it takes me to all sorts of places which, strangely, I'd never heard of but might be interested in... So it might be A Good Thing. Give it a week or two.