Wednesday, December 21, 2005

He's Saving Up For a New Guitar...

Saving Up For a New Guitar, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.

...Whereas I'm saving up for a camera.

Jessops are doing the D50 + 18-70mm lens for £584. They said they would match the price of any shop in a 20 mile radius. They might match the price of internet or mail order, but they'd need a print out or a catalogue, and it wouldn't be guaranteed, they'd 'have to make a couple of phone calls'.

Next I went to Jacobs, who said that Jessops were doing 'silly prices' and there's no way they could match that price. I asked if they could give any advice about pricing, best time to buy and so on, and the man said that the price of DSLRs changed from day to day. But, he said, February would probably be a good time.

This lad gets money for practising his hobby in public. Doubt there's any cash in being a photo-busker.