Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Academic Life - The Chinon - Vicky Pollard - Waving Goodbye

Term has ended and I'm managing to get a lot of studying done at work. I've deliberately chosen a topic which has some relevance to the work I do. It's about the way students use a digilab for pronunciation practice. I've been getting a lot of academic articles printed; (not very green I know, but to read actively one needs paper and a pen - a computer monitor just won't cut the mustard). So that means rather a lot of reading the next few days, followed by rather a lot of writing.

I've stopped using my compact digital (except for a video I did yesterday for the Jarrow & Hebburn blog). I've started using the Chinon again, to get my hand in using an SLR. Also, it's primitiveness will, hopefully, discipline my eye for the D50's appearance, which should be next spring.

Molly's 9lb 9oz now - she was weighed yesterday at the local baby clinic, which is set up in the local community centre. Herself went, I was at work; she said she felt rather out of place, being an older mother amongst a load of Jarra dialect-speaking Vicky Pollard lookalikes. ("Aye, but, no, but, last week he had a massive fucken bruise on his leg, but now it's fucken gone. Eeh! She's fucken gorgeous, her. Fucken breast feeding! Do a look like a fucken cow like?").

Yesterday morning, I was dashing out to work, Molly was in her cot, just wakening. I waved to her from the bedroom door, and I swear to God she waved back!