Saturday, December 03, 2005

...and make it snappy!

I think about photography too much. My Olympus Camedia C-310 has been a great friend and has taken a lot of good photos and a handful of very good ones. I'd decided to get an SLR, something like the Canon 350D perhaps. I want to be able to manually set speed and aperture settings, get appropriate depth of field, motion blur or freeze frame and all that jazz. And then my attention was drawn to cameras like the Olympus MJU 800, which has 8 megapixels - that's as many as SLRs like the Canon. And it's about half the price. What you'd be paying for with an SLR is adjustability and a far better lens.

Apart from the price there's the issue of What Kind of Photos do I want to take? See, what I'm thinking, apart from people snapping away at parties and on their holidays, nobody is going to be recording our lives, now, in this town. A local artist, Vince Rea, took a load of pictures of the people of Jarrow in the mid 70s, and you can get a book of the collection from the library. All of them are good pictures, none are brilliant. But the record is there. People who are old in those pictures are in the ground now. The young are middle aged. Time moves on but images freeze a frame in time.

That's what I want to do - record the world we live in now. So maybe a compact digitial camera like the MJU would be better. I mean, if you've got an SLR you've got a camera, no mistake, and people act differently around a camera, whereas they might barely notice a compact - most people have mobile phones these days, which look similar at first glance...

Any comments on this question, SLR or compact, would be appreciated.