Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tommy Tippee's a Shite

This is a picture of Fellgate Metro station I took this morning.

Today was foggy for the first time this autumn - if it is still autumn, it feels like winter now. A strange thing: it was foggy in Jarrow, and in Benwell (in the west of Newcastle) where I was working today, but not in the City Centre, which I had to travel through.

Weather's great though, especially when you're fairly new to a job and need a topic for conversation. It's the consensus that we're in for a very severe winter. People seem delighted at the prospect.

Herself had a slight calamity when the breast pump broke this afternoon (thus the heading), so I went to Boots on the way home and got a replacement; (Avent this time). The bottle feeding has been going very well, but it's been a bit fraught the last few days: perhaps we were using the wrong sort of teat, and I blame that little bastard, Tippee. It took Molly nearly half an hour to settle for me tonight, (whilst Herself was a having a wild and significant time in the bathroom with some Henna). All was well eventually - a fed baby; and I managed to remember to say to Herself, "your hair's nice".

Funny how one's horizons narrow with a baby around. Hmm.

No progress with the podcast. One problem is that I need to have the room to myself, and that rarely happens these days.

This was my Metro arriving through the fog this morning. Tricky thing to photo, fog.

Thanks to everyone who's been dropping by to say Happy Birthday.