Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Murder on the Metro; Superchou

My metro to work this morning stopped just outside Pelaw, and slunk around between there and Heworth for nearly forty minutes. There was an announcement that a train was in Gateshead station waiting for an ambulance, so some poor sod must have been taken ill. I mean, nobody wants to get ill, anytime, anywhere, but on a rush hour metro, oh my God!

At lunchtime, went to meet Superchou, who was en-route from Edinburgh to her granny in France. There'd been a bit of a mix up with the times, so it was all a bit breathless. It's cool when your virtual life overlaps however briefly with your real one. Come to think of it, unless virtual friendships can become real ones, this is all somewhat pointless.

I also met Sam and Adam for the first time; as they are local, of course, I'll see them again. All of this socialising is due to the tirelessness of Brendadada.