Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mortality, Gardening and Dancing.

To the optician this morning, not before time. The clearest indication you're getting older, once you're past 40, is the deterioration in the old peepers. Hmm. I chose those glasses which have little holes at the end of the legs so you can put a string in them, and hang them around your neck [sighs]. I pick them up on Saturday morning.

Saturday is also the day of the Jarrow and Hebburn Flickrmeet, at the Ben Lomond, 1.00pm.

Thank God for Molly to keep us young. And the allotment. I had a pint with the old man today and laid some plans for the spring. And tomorrow, weather permitting, I'll move some more stuff from my old allotment.

Weather permitting! Snow's forecast.

Meanwhile, here's a link to a video of a fat bloke dancing with a tiny baby! It's silent, but I can tell you, they're dancing to Watch That Man, by David Bowie. Tell you what, I'll put that track on the podcast, when I get around to doing it.