Sunday, November 27, 2005

Do you have permission to take photographs?

The weather was changeable so we went to the pedestrian tunnel. Brenda (left foreground) had bought two remote controlled flying saucers, and we were having a gas photographing them in the eerie surrounds of the tunnel. Then this arsehole turned up and asked the above question - Brenda's on the phone trying to get permission. We couldn't take him seriously because he wouldn't give us his name or show any ID - really he was just a miserable bastard freaked out by people doing something a wee bit unexpected. Twat. He went away and told us to vacate the tunne, via the PA system. Sad man.

I don't know why I adjusted the colour of this photo so bizarrely.

That's Sam to the right, and Oliver's behind Brenda - not hiding or anything.