Sunday, November 13, 2005

Podcasts, Videos, File hosting

I listened to a podcast yesterday, [no link, no pack-drill], and it was fucking dreadful. And it made me think: I could do tons better than that. It'd be a right laugh, like Desert Island Discs without that Sue fucking Lawley. So I've downloaded some free software (link if it works) and I'll get a wee mic tomorrow and I'll draw up a play list and do the fucking podcast.

This afternoon I made a video of Molly with my compact digital. It's nice. I've spent a couple of hours now trying to find a way of hosting it, and even set up a free website here, only to ascertain that the free account doesn't support MOV files (or MP3s for when I get the podcast together). If anyone knows of a free way to do that, let me know please. (I wasted a lot of time with Putfile and Streamload, too).