Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whilst we're waiting...

I thought it would be today, but it's not looking that way. So we're still on for a remarkable sunday lunch. Unless something happens in the night.

I took some sky photos.

Earlier today, I wrote 1500 words analysing an article which called for an end to communicative language teaching. It's not much in itself, but is my first academic writing since my undergraduate thesis twenty years ago, ("Possession and contemplated use of nuclear weapons: the case for illegality"; those were the days).

Via Sroka Sounds I came across Little Hits which is a gold mine of neglected and possibly wonderful sounds; its compiler says, rather splendidly:

Little Hits does not intend to deprive artists and labels of revenue; it is instead hoped that the music presented on this site will contribute to interest that will eventually lead to legitimate re-issue of the works of the artists represented, or wider recognition of already available releases. If you have legal rights to any of the songs presented here, and wish to have them removed, I will attempt to dazzle you with the speed and abject humility of my compliance.

Indeed. There's a substantial archive, and I'll probably get to download most of it waiting for the baby.

Herself's mother advised against castor oil.