Thursday, October 06, 2005

This week's wallpaper will be...

Blood, Sweat & Sandstone, originally uploaded by Lawrie M ®.

...a wall.

This is one of the pics from the DMU folio, which should keep me going with weekly wallpaper for the desktop for a while anyway.

Woke up this morning all aches and pains: I noticed at work that people are snuffling, so I've probably got a cold of some sort which is a fucking disaster because you aren't supposed to visit a hospital if you've a cold, isn't that right? Or, hopefully, it's just some kind of hysterical cold - I used to get them the night before a big exam.

Surely the time draws nigh. Herself decided against going out today on the grounds she doesn't want her waters breaking on the bus.

I've been studying too, though concentration isn't easy.

Here's another podcast site, I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

Somehow, I managed to start a Jarrow and Hebburn blog, which at the moment is simply a collection of all the pictures in Flickr tagged 'jarrow' and ', unsuprisingly, 'hebburn'. Jarrow's much neglected neighbour gets in on the act because, for all kinds of reasons we might be moving there within a year or so; the two towns are intimately connected, anyhow. (Many thank's to Brendadada, creatrix of the Dawdon blog, which was the inspiration for a Jarrow and Hebburn blog).

Which talk of Hebburn brings me to the wee photo on the right here, which I took from the Hebburn bank of the Tyne during the tall ships' race. Although I was born in Jarrow, and have lived here intermittently since I was 12, I actually spent most of my early years in Hebburn - my Mam is from there. We would play by the Tyne when I was a kid and this crane has been with me, in either reality or imagination, all of my life. I love the fact that it's a colossal crane with a littler crane on top. It's at Walker Naval Yard, where I worked briefly as a younger man on HMS Illustrious.

Anyhow, that picture was in the Tall Ships 2005 photo pool on Flickr, but was outclassed by hundreds of really good pictures there, and got very few views. So today I've dusted it off and submitted it, inter alia, to the DMU pool. It won't get 10 'save' votes, of course, but it'll get viewed. Maybe that's the photographic/internet/flickr equivalent of boring your friends in the pub by saying "I remember when we were kids, playing down the Tyne, and..."

Or something.