Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Don't Even Ask

I'm not going to mention it until Something Happens.

The problem with Little Hits was that it Wasn't Weird Enough. Well, the 365 Days Project looks much more likely. I'm busy downloading it now, to listen to on the way to work (or hanging around the Maternity Wing perhaps), but I got to it via Pete A, who podcasted 'Frozen Embryos'; (now I wonder why that gave me such a laugh?)

[And I earlier put in the link for just part of the 365 Days; now the link is for the index. Sorry. Message ends.]

Seriously though, George Monbiot has assembled a number of examples of how the postmodern 'War on Terror' is being used to make people shut the fuck up. And there was an article yesterday about how this tendency includes photography. If anybody doesn't know the story of this wee photo on the right, and is interested, the story's on Flickr, here.