Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Real Life Day

That's Alice, aka failed heterosexual, and her mam Kate, called Mafleen in the Flickrsphere. It's a remarkable fact that Kate comes from Saltcoats, as does Herself. I think the tender look on Kate's face makes this a lovely photo.

I met up with them and Brenda, (the illustrious Brendadada, aka Apprentice) last night at Bob Trollops on the Quayside, just at the back of the Guildhall, and next door to the Red House - though I've a feeling that the whole building was called the Red House in my youth. (£3.20 a pint, I should point out, so I won't become a regular there). That picture's also interesting because I wasn't using a flash, but Brenda was and must have clicked at the same time as I did.

We spent a really charming hour chatting about photography and Flickr. On reflection, it was a bit odd to meet people for the first time, but to already know quite a lot about one another through blogging and Flickr.

Anyway, it was fun to (at last) cross over from the virtual to the real social world.

That was the final movement to a rather full day.

The Old Man and I took the Mother-in-law and Hazel to the Central Station to get their train back to Scotland. We left with time to spare and Dad thought to take the scenic route along by the River, past Friar's Goose. Hmm. We ended up in the Sage car park and had to back track. Then we crossed the Swingbridge and got caught in traffic, and then we were really up against time... But we got to the station with five minutes to spare.

When we got back to canny-auld-Jarra we had a quick one in the Long Bar and then I did a bit of shopping.
Marie Curie Shop, Jarrow Arcade
I saw all these cameras and lenses in the Marie Curie Charity shop. I've been debating for a while whether to try proper photography, and my mind was made up whilst looking at these cameras: a middle aged couple joined me looking in the shop window, the wife said "Cameras", and the fella said in disgust, "Film!" and I thought "Oh yeah. Film." Sometimes one must go against the grain. More on this later.

Molly's wee cheeks are getting chubbier.

Three Weeks