Friday, October 07, 2005

Do me a favour?

I've finished setting up the Jarrow and Hebburn blog. (This wee picture will be its icon). I appreciate it's unlikely to be of much interest to anyone not living in, or from, those two towns, but do drop by, eh? Just so that I can see if the web-counter's working, if nothing else.

Speaking of web counters, the one on the new site is from StatCounter. I considered getting one for the Pig Sty, but as this is a personal blog, it would have felt like bad manners, almost: I could see that such-and-such visited only once this week, for a few seconds; that so-and-so calls by every day but never leaves a comment; or, the horror, nobody's been here for days.

Thanks to Brendadada's Dawdon for the inspiration for the new blog and the link to StatCounter.