Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome back to the family, KBR

KB Reflex 1st 2
Dad and Grandad
The first roll has turned out better than I could have expected. Out of twelve exposures, a couple were too underexposed, a couple more (taken on a dreich day on the Isle of Arran) are somewhat dark, but the rest are fine.  2 or 3 seconds indoors seems to work, too.

On the 2012 photo, Molly was about 6 ft away from the camera, and she's a bit OOF.  Dad and Grandad are about the same distance in 1969, shot on the same model, and they too are a bit OOF.  So forty odd years have had no effect on the shape of a lens or the laws of physics.  The lamp behind The Bairn is about 10 ft away, and it's fairly crisp.  Even the doll's face is clear, and that's a foot or so deeper than Molly.

So the focusing distance is looking like 7ft plus, as a rule of thumb.  In fact, at 10 ft or thereabouts, it's remarkably clear for such a low end camera: the scan's 1600 dpi, and I can read all the lettering on the framed poster by zooming the scan in Windows Photo Gallery.

There's a bit of vignetting, not as much as a Holga.  And a couple of the exposures have the same light leak as this one, which is fine.

The next stage is flash.  The wee cold shoe electronic flash I have has a PC lead, as does the hot shoe adaptor.  But the KBR has a wee two point (male) attachment on the front, for the lead, so I'm going to have to search for something with the right kind of lead.  There may be an adaptor for the PC cold shoe flash, but I doubt it.  So I'll start to garner flash bulbs: their price on eBay varies, but I got ten last night, (on eBay with Glenfiddich taken, tut, tut) for three quid with the postage.

The advantage of the KBR over the IS4 is the B setting.  Not only that, but the viewer and the shape mean I could use the B setting in a bar, say, sitting securely on a table, (tripods in bars aren't really companionable). But the IS4 is nice and light and pocketable, and has that wee electronic flash, also for bar scenes.

As for the film and processing: Rollei Retro 80s and ID11 with a pinch of bromide.  It's produced high contrast, which is what I wanted.  A bit too much, though, on the outdoor, dreich exposures.