Sunday, June 10, 2012


Medium term memory loss.  As I've come over all 127 the last couple of weeks, I resurrected the Sporti 4, and  was pleased to try out a flash and find that it fired, sans film.  Oh joy.  And then this morning, when digging back into the Avenue, I found - with no sense of deja vu whatsoever - that I'd been here before, almost exactly three years ago, and it wasn't working.  Heigh bloody ho.  

As I remember it now, the flash fired, apparently as one clicked the shutter, but must have fired out of synch.  Other posts indicate I went at it with WD40, at some point...  I wrote back in 2009, "What I'm after is a kind of flash-gun look, where the background is in deep shadow, and the foreground overlit. And I want to do that with a very simple camera like the Sporti 4, to get the vignetting and other distortions."  Nothing has changed.  I've got the F for straightforward photography, but a very simple 127 camera, with flash, is the thing.  

With this in mind, I've carried on investigating sources of 127.  Fotoimpex is pleasantly idiosyncratic.  You've to email them to, it seems, begin a discussion about what you need, and how much.  But somewhere on the site I say EFKE 127 for around £3 a roll, which would be nice.  

Whilst surfing for 127, I found Macodirect.  No 127 I'd want, (they've only got that"Bird" film for nearly 9 Euros).  But they do Kentmere 35mm for less than 3 Euros.  

The thermometer arrived yesterday morning, so I'll dev that roll of Rollei 80s I shot through the Baby Browning, later today.  I'll try it in Rodinal.