Friday, June 15, 2012

Rollei 80s 127 and Brownie Reflex

Windsor LionThere's something that feels just right about a roll of 127 - easily handled, unlike a roll of 36 exposure 35mm, for example which is about 5' 6".  I developed the roll of 80s I'd put through the Brownie Reflex tonight.

Quite a moment.  It was my first camera, (not this actual camera, God knows where that one got to, this one came off eBay for a fiver, on the upside of our globalized age).  I'm fairly sure that this photo was taken with it, and this one , and this one, (both stupidly cropped when I scanned them, before I knew better).

I dev'd it in the ID11 with bromide.  I gave it 20 mins at 22C, which was pushing it somewhat.  From the negs the exposures look lovely and crisp.  There are four or five from a day trip to Arran, and the rest I took the other week of The Bairn in the sitting room.  I used the tripod and B setting for those, 2 or 3 seconds.  I'll scan and upload them tomorrow.