Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All Manner of Flashes

I've been missing my original Ilford Sporti, but hip-hooray, there it was in an old suitcase I had a shufty in yesterday.  And, forsooth, a film in it, which turned out to be Adox CHS 25 Art, with three exposures left.  So I used them up with the wee National electronic flash to see if it was synching...  Devd it tonight: 20mins in ID11 1:1.  The whole roll is underexposed, from the negs, (what was I thinking of, putting 25iso film into the Sporti?  Hello?)  But the last three frames contain no discernible image, so, like the Sporti 4, it's not synching.

Heigh ho.  I can live with this.  The theory is that these cameras will synch, with a flashgun. Actually, I was looking for flash bulbs when I found the Sporti.  And I found 22 PF1Bs.  Which was nice.  They fit a National flashgun I've also got, which has a capacitor.  I've ordered the  battery. That's for the Sporti, I also came across a Kodak brand flash gun to use with the KBR, but it hasn't arrived yet, and the bulbs/batteries/capacitor will likely be a whole nother story.  With all this palaver, I need some good concepts for the photos.  I'm incubating a couple of those.

Meanwhile, in a parallel project, I've been trying a couple of different electronic flashes on the Isolette.  That film (Provia 100) is waiting to be devd.