Sunday, June 17, 2012

Knocking Up Some Tetenal and Deving a Roll of Velvia

The only funny thing I noticed when mixing up the chemicals was that the clear-ish liquid from the blix, (it came in two 200ml bottles in the kit, one dark and the other light, presumably one's bleach and the other's fix), had formed a thick crust on the outside of its wee plastic bottle.  I'd mixed the blix before I noticed that.

I remembered the feeling of initial surprise about, actually, how straightforward C41 deving is.  The whole process takes about 20 minutes and reminds me of the water play we got in Infant School - apparently meaningful sloshing about of liquids from one container to another, with a handy sink of nicely warm water.  Meanwhile, listening to Radio 4's take on Ulysses. What's not to like?

I pre-soaked the film in 38C tap water for 5 mins, (don't think I've done that before?) and the wash that came out was the most wonderful purple.  Thereafter it went all according to the instructions, without calamity.  The negs came out a nice green colour, very clear yet dark images of St Paddy's day in San Francisco.