Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old Film Project Roll 3

The Old Film Project looks to have gone very quiet, but I've just gotten around to developing the third roll, (subject "People", a cinch when most of your photos have people in them). If you don't have an attention span of several years, the OFP arose when whitenviro kindly decided to give away 400 rolls of Efke 100, expired in 1977, to applicants around the globe, in batches of five rolls. In the group we debated and agreed on themes for each roll.

I did the first roll in a 127 camera, to get sprocket holes, the next in the FED2.  This third roll I did in the FED also. This evening, until I'd dev'd it, I couldn't recall when or where I'd shot it, but a quick look at the negs tells me it was the St Patrick's day parade in San Francisco.  I developed it in an ID11 mix, with added potassium bromide to help combat any fogging.  The suggested time for the film was 11 mins at 20C, so in view of its age I gave it 20 mins at 22C.

More than half the roll is unexposed.  Can't remember how that came about.  That's what happens when you don't snap, dev and scan within a few days - bloody unhelpful to the learning process.  The backlog of exposed film in the fridge is clearing at last.  Just the roll of 127 I shot with the Brownie Reflex on Arran in April, and two 120 rolls, Portra and Provia, both of which I shot in San Francisco in March.