Sunday, April 05, 2009

"Why Risk It?"

As someone commented in this thread in DIYB&W.

One could reply, "Risk it because risks make you know you're still alive". FFS. I've virtually learned how to do developing from the people in that group, but there is a danger that it's being swamped by fuckwits.

As Herself reminded me this morning, I keep telling people the story I'm about to blog. A few years ago, no teaching in sight, I took a job on the recycling vans. One of the blokes I worked with, thirty-something, an apparently normal Geordie, told me that he'd go mad at his wife if the tomato sauce off his beans touched his fried egg on his full English. He said it with a straight face, clearly unaware that this particular bit of social inadequacy had been satirized by Steve Coogan in Alan Partridge.

Anyway, I'm often reminded of him when I encounter these numpties on Flickr with their insistence on doing things as they are told to do them. I've had a cavalier attitude towards developing since I started, and I've never gone wrong with it but once, (that roll, I think I'd put in 390ml instead of 500, so that the top fifth only got developed by the swishing around during agitation, thus the tide-mark - which actually, you've got to look twice to see).

Or something.