Friday, April 24, 2009

Leica IIIf last roll

Leica IIIf last roll 4 The camera's on eBay now, and I'm probably going to get less than I paid for it because there seems to be some shutter (or winder?) problem, which of course I had to be up front about. Or maybe it was just that I'd misloaded the film?

Which is the last straw for me, Leica, and 35mm generally. To get the bugger professionally serviced would probably cost more than the price of a really good Medium Format folder. Bollocks to that.

Anyway, I really love using MF - 12 nice big negs to work with. And twelve is just the right number of exposures to use in one go. And if I can get, as a matter of routine, between 2 and 4 printable exposures per roll, voila.

So I'm not sorry to see the Leica go. It's a lovely camera, but not as awe inspiring as the hype would have it. And Leica owners, well...