Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jsolette 1st Roll

flash and in focus

It wasn't really a test roll because I was just playing around, and didn't make more than a mental note of the settings I was using: more a sort of fiddle-with-the-knobs-and-see-what-happens roll. And I was very slapdash with the developing. Next roll, which I've already started, I'll be a bit more methodical.

Apart from the not-shutting front door, it's great. The adjustments are a lot like that Kodak's, so I've got a head start. Best of all, the flash synchs. The flash I'm using is a National PE-120M. Single setting, so that should make it easy to get used to how it works with the rest of the ambient light/f-stop/film/shutter fandango.