Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Camera Cafe

Camera Cafe, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.

This cafe's just a few yards from the British Museum. The windows full of cameras. They didn't have any HP5+, but they gave me a roll of Tmax.

And they had a bookcase full of books on phonetics, to read whilst having your coffee. Lovely atmos. One of those places makes me wish I lived in London.

This is a bit over exposed, because I was pushing some other exposures on the same roll. I'm kind of getting the hang of this, now, putting the negs into their sleeves as soon as they're dry to cut down on the dust; and keeping them under a book overnight before I scan them to flatten them and make putting them into the holder less of an occasion for swearing.

One of these, I really like
. I can't expect to get many printable negs out of the Sporti - one or two a roll would be really good going. But that's one.

And that's the plan: master the Sporti so as to get some printable exposures, and then ditto with the Agfa, and then when I've really got the hang of this, I get a Hassy and an enlarger. Voila.