Monday, February 23, 2009

vle tbl 1st day

50-something speaking tests between myself and M. today. A. kept them bus meanwhile. They are both excellent teachers, though M is rather depressing company outside of the classroom.

Very keen students - keen, cheerful and friendly despite lingering jet-lag. Unless MC (the new anonymization of the BTM Big Cheese, the M being for Malignant, and you can guess the C if I tell you Paulie used the phrase in The Sopranos), manages to spoil things remotely or on an unscheduled visit.

And here's a thing: in a speaking test for Chinese students, the phrase "How are you?" will leave them nonplussed.

Tomorrow, we get into the Wiki and the blogging. By Wednesday, it should be running along...

The research perspective is great: success or failure is all good data. Objectivity's the thing.

Or something.