Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here's a blast from the past...

I remember when I was first online... It was 1995 because Windows 95 was the latest thing. And I found this pic in an image search and printed it out and passed it to people, I thought it was so cool. And everyone else did too. It was when "I got it off the internet" still had the ring of glamour rather than sleaze.

I stumbled on it when doing a google search for something unconnected. I seem to remember there were a number of variations on the theme. Wonder who drew it? It's a really well proportioned drawing.

And anyway, what's the connexion between cats and drugs, you know, the whole jazz cat thing? Is it because they're so cool, at peace with themselves? Does cann***s put one into an agreeable cat-like state?

Was this maybe ever on a tee-shirt?