Sunday, February 08, 2009

Photographic Rethink

At home for a few days, and managed to find time to sort out the rolls of film I had around the place. Two colour ones, which I put into Boots, and this Fuji N?eopan 1600, which is mostly of the night Santa turned the Christmas lights on in Saltcoats. I particularly like this one of the bairn, not least because it was quite tricky to get right as she whizzed past on the wee swing-round about thingummy.

I'm edging towards another change of direction with photography. Have a year with the Ilford Sporti, as I think I already blogged, but also flog the Leica and get a Hasselblad, in due course. I want to take more detailed, sharper photos, and I think that means 120 film and Zeiss lenses. Do my own prints: maybe go the whole hog and frame the buggers myself, too.

See, a Leica can give excellent quality for its size, and it's unobtrusive. But I don't know that I want to do unobtrusive any more. Frankly, I find "street candid" increasingly creepy: only street photographers and perverts do that, and how do you tell them apart without seeing their portfolios?

Whereas. A medium format camera and a tripod a dialogue between photographer and subject should yield much better photos, and avoid the photographer being thought of as a paedo.

The Sporti would do as a day out and party camera, though I think there's a flash-synch problem with the current one. I might even get a 2nd hand Holga.

This is beginning to look like what we academics call a paradigm shift, what, what, what...