Monday, February 23, 2009

I got here just after three, watched the first half of Newcastle v Everton in the social club, the second half in CSA, which is the Union. Had a very poor burger there, and poor beer in both places.

After a snooze, and very groggy, met up with “Mike” & “Alison” in the bar at the Management Suite, where we are staying for the first week. We made arrangements for tomorrow morning, and I tried to reassure them that everything would be fine once we actually got started: it’s normal to feel anxious in a new teaching situation, but once you’re in the classroom, you’re in a situation you’ve been in a 1000 times before, and you can handle it.

The only problem is that they aren’t happy about the rotation of classes, where by each of us will teach each of the three classes during the course of the day. They thought that this would mean they didn’t get to know the students, and that it would be impossible to learn 56 Chinese names; (M said it would be like learning a take-away menu, which I found vaguely unsettling). I need to keep them happy, and their objections are not unreasonable, but I need to be prepared for objections from the management at BTM – if they get wind of it.

A problem with the broadband connexion in my room. I need to take the laptop to the IT department later.

Slept well and woke before the alarm, dreaming that I’d overslept, and that the hand rail had come off the staircase.