Sunday, March 02, 2008

Scops Owl II

I saw the scops owl tonight. Another teacher had said that he'd seen it last night, so I sat by the open window with my shisha pipe for an hour. Sure enough, around 10.45, something landed in a palm tree about 30 yards away. It started to call. It flew off, and then came back moments later. It stopped calling, and after ten minutes or so, flew down onto the grass directly opposite me, maybe 25 yards away: I could see it quite well because there was a low level light near there. It was about ten inches long. It appeared to pick something up, and then flew up to an electrical unit above one of the bungalows opposite. It was there a few minutes as, perhaps, it ate whatever it had picked up. Then it flew off again. Ten minutes later, as I type this, I can hear it calling again.