Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cheery Tuesday

It took a bit of work, mostly on the part of Tarik, who's far more than a taxi driver. We got to the Post Office before nine, Tarik spoke to the lady, and filled the form in for me. Then we took a chit to the place where they sort the mail, to get the key. We got one, but it was only a small box, (just big enough for a little bird, observed Tarik), and went and got it changed for a medium one.

It's still pretty small, mind, but all the big ones are taken by companies. They'll ring me if one comes up, apparently, but as the are paid-for by the calendar year, that's unlikely to be before January. So it won't do for books, but it will take newspapers, letters, cards, CDs...

I've discovered leban, a yoghurt drink. There's a dairy within walking distance. Leban's great with cornflakes and jam.