Friday, March 28, 2008

Chinon CS Batteries

And whilst I'm on the subject of the Chinon, I'll get on a lot better once I've got a battery for it, and I can stop guessing the exposures, (though doing without has probably been a good learning technique). Thanks to Michael Butkus Jr and his mine of Chinon information, I've learned that I need: PX76A/625A (Duracell), or A76 (Eveready), or KX625/KA76 (Kodak). I've guessed at and bought several in the last couple of months, only to find that they don't fit once you get them home and out of the package. Last night I took the camera to a shop that sold batteries and the man pointed out, not too unreasonably, that it would be better to get a serial number... Fair enough, really.