Monday, March 17, 2008

Gloomy Monday

I went with Tarik after work at 3pm to the central Post Office... There were three very unfriendly women behind the glass, looking at us as if we were sex criminals. Eventually, a man emerged from the depths of the building and I assume he was El Fitouri's cousin because the mood thawed immediately. But we agreed that this was a bit out of the way - I could never have found the building again without Tarik, - and so we went on to the post office in Meydan Al Jazyair in the city centre, which, we were assured, was open until 8pm.

It was indeed, but the opening of new boxes closed at 12, so I have to go back tomorrow.

Then tonight I got all geared up for the Birmingham v Newcastle game on BBC Radio Newcastle, listened to the pre match talk, charged up the pipe and got my beer chilled... And at the moment of kick off it went off for contractual reasons.

The. Bloody. Bastards.

So. I need to investigate paying for streamed PC football. Here are the search results. But not tonight, I couldn't handle any more false hopes, and Newcastle are 9-1 against winning, after all.

Earlier, I found the ants methodically removing my coriander seeds. And people keep walking on the garden.

On the bright side, the Old Man rang just now. 16 of 24 Rhode Island Red chicks have hatched: he reckons a dozen of them are hens.