Thursday, March 13, 2008

caprimulgus aegyptius?

Apart from our friend the scops owl, every night I hear what I'm guessing are Egyptian Nightjars. I'm guessing because my bird ID book is imprecise on the call, and I can't find any sound files of the call on the web to confirm the ID. If I managed to see one that would be great. A photo would be astonishing. But I will try to get an mp3.

There's very little about this bird on the web. Googling the latin gives us 55,700 hits, true, but most of them are brief mentions.

So I can tell you that it's call is very loud, pew, pew, pew. I get the impression there are two or three calling simultaneously. It's never heard outsided the hours of darkness. It's sometimes very loud indeed, as if the birds were just a few feet from the houses. The call seems to be made in flight.