Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Shite People Eat

Usually The Food Programme gets on my nerves - like a lot of Radio 4, though I love it dearly, it's so middle class. However, it was interesting this morning, interviewing Michael Pollan about the shite we eat.

What he said is all true, of course: we should just eat real, food (anything with more than five ingredients is unlikely to be worthwhile), and a lot of the supermarket food isn't actually anything your great-granny would recognise as such.

And with the allotment and being an adequate cook I'm well onto the case, but the trouble is finding the time. I'm looking forward to retirement before we can really eat well. Or a lottery win.

Mind you, the food in Libya's good. This contract, we have a house with a kitchen and a garden, and I'm looking forward to learning the Arabic for food names and eating really well. And as the allotment and the chickens are going to be in The Old Man's hands for the next couple of years, I might even get some chickens out there.