Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quiet flows the Don

I was quite intrigued by this post from Curly. I'm not sure that he's right to say that this is the The Don. The locals (I'm one of them) call it The Dene, though it was called "Calf Close Burn" on a Tyneside street map from the early 70s (which caused hilarity amongst us kids on Hedworth Estate, saying we'd go "down the Calf Close Burn" in a faux posh voice for weeks after we made that discovery; it was also interesting as an example of the way Authority names things differently to ordinary people).

The Don is also fed by the stream which flows past Lukes Lane and Valley View, and by the one that flows past the real Pig Sty Avenue...

But I think Curly's right - the stream that flows through Hedworth is "The Don" if anything is.