Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"full frame": now I understand...?

Playing around with the dear old Chinon, I've been using the D50 as an elaborate focus checker and light meter. It's instructional. The first photo was taken on the DSLR from the same spot as the Chinon. The settings were the same, except that the d50 only goes to 200 ISO whereas the film I was using was 100 - and that's why the second photo is less exposed; (it's also cross-processed).

The striking thing though is the frame. Both are taken with a fixed 50mm lens. There's no cropping. You can see that the analog camera has a much bigger frame. I had wondered what the fuss was when Canon came up with a "full frame" sensor. Voila. Is it?

Taken hand held with the Nikon D50.
Click on the pic to see the exif data.

Taken with the Chinon from the same vantage point.
Tripod. Same settings, except for ISO.
Chinon xpro (26)