Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pond: Sorted

I took this on a brief visit tonight, (brief, but I moved 3 barrowfulls from the E to the W side). Yesterday and last night 33.6m of rain fell on Glasgow. Prior to that, the pond was very low, down to the boulder clay. That 1in plus of rain has been enough to fill it. This is the pond's maximum extent now: I know this because, see that iron spike in the middle foreground? That's the location of the opening to the Council's drain. Water was running from the edge of the pond, down into the drain.

This is fantastic. It means that 12 or so hours of heavy rain were enough to fill the pond entirely. It also means that it won't get out of hand, because of the Council's drain; (I have plans to mark that overflow area with some nice stones, maybe some of the quartz pebbles I've been digging up). It also means I can see where to go if I want to extend the pond margins outwards a little, grow some interesting plants there...

The area over the French drain I installed on the W side is looking pretty boggy, though. I'll have to keep an eye on that once the levelling's done - well, keep a welly on it actually, I measure drainage by how much I sink in with my boots. Maybe break up the NW bed with a line of alder trees over the French drain?

Rain's made the path a wee bit shoogly. Needs some work in due course.