Thursday, February 04, 2016

Path: Fun at Last

Yesterday I took a day off the books and the job searching, walked to the allotment by 10, buying a cornish pasty on the way, and taking an aluminum cyclist's water bottle so I could get a drink from the tap. I should also add that I'd found a pair of wellies in my size when I was clearing the shed, I'd taken them home, they scrubbed up well, and left them to dry on the radiator. So there I was with good clean steel toe-cap wellies and a thirst for a new path.

The methodology, throw a barrow-full of bricks into the trench, reaching the top lip of it; level it out a little by hand, removing bricks sticking above the level, filling any accidental gaps; top off with about 4 spadefuls of clay; level; put a paving slab on; jump up and down on paving slab. Hard work: lifting & maneuvering the slabs, filling the barrow with bricks. But I progressed well, getting to slightly less than half way after about three hours, refreshed at midday by my pasty and some water.