Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Bricks, Path, a Frog and a Return to the Old Greenhouse Foundations

Yesterday was like a spring day, sunny and fresh in Glasgow. Labour continues on the path. I've got down to the point where it intersects with the French drain, so about 10-12ft left to go before it joins the stub of path I finished in the autumn at the N boundary.

I got near the bottom of what was once a great heap of bricks on the Frogs' Winter Palace.  Lifting a brick, a bleary eyed frog eyed me as if to say, "Oi! It's still February, chum!" And s/he turned around to find a refuge deeper in the muck and rubble.

Well, good news that at least one frog, probably many more, have put it to its intended use, but I had to go elsewhere to get rubble to finish the path, so I went back to the Old Greenhouse foundations, and cleared the earth from a section of them on the East side. There's also a peculiar concrete structure, a leaning-over kind of wall, at the Southern end. I want rid of it so I'll go to that with the big hammer next time I'm there, tomorrow probably.

So, the path should be finished (at last) in the next few days, and the levelling by the beginning of March. Then I really urgently need to fix up the potting shed, so that I can start sowing.