Monday, February 15, 2016

Earth Movement

A scaffold board and a curved line of bricks, to lessen the trampling on the NW bed, as I start barrowing earth from the NE bed. Although there's been quite a frost, and a lot of the ground was frozen, it felt like spring. A great tit thought so, too, and his (it would be a he, yeah?) call was loud and clear over the dull background roar from the M8.

I shifted maybe 10 barrowfulls, (see the dark line of earth under the fence in the photo). I actually dug down too far on the East side, and hit the French drain there, laid by the City Council, I'm told. At least I know where it is now, and it's just at the right height if the pond gets out of bounds.

Speaking of which, the pond is at its lowest level ever: right down to the subsoil. I'm hoping it shrinks no further, for the sake of the tadpoles in due course. I'm pleased that rain is forecast for tomorrow. Now that the path is relaid, I want to see if the rubble drain is working, and guiding most of the water into the pond...