Thursday, February 11, 2016

path & pasty

Spent 4 hours yesterday, and still never finished that path. I've ran out of rubble from the frog's winter palace, (they'll stay hibernated until night time temperature is above 5C, apparently, which is good to know, I'm keeping on eye on the weather stats for that, but just now it's down to zero. So I'm mining rubble from the old greenhouse foundations. This is good, 2o jobs getting done at once, but slow. Good (whole) bricks from the foundations I keep for the path going south, where there was no path at all before. I'm laying that as I go. So that's 3 jobs at once, really. I keep broken bricks and bits of concrete for the path foundation.

The SE boundary, next to my neighbour's greenhouse, and adjoining the old midden, is a bloody eyesore. I mentioned getting it tidied up to the neighbour yesterday, and he agreed we'd do it together this morning. I'm typing quickly to get away and get started now. The nights are cold because of the clear skies, but the days are lovely. I might end up today doing 6 hours heavy labour, but it's possible I can finish the path, take big chunks out of the greenhouse foundations, AND tidy up that boundary, which would all be spendid...

Going via the Co-op to get a pasty for mid-day fuel.