Friday, February 11, 2011

That's about 4' from the earth to the tip of that highest leaf there.  It was going begging at work.  I don't know anything of its history.  Getting it home in the taxi was a bit of a struggle.  I waited ages for a taxi outside the office, I couldn't exactly decide to try my luck at a different spot.  Anyway, a taxi duly came, and the driver thought it was funny, anyhow.  We were nearly back, turning into Shaanxi Lu, when it tipped over.  It just lost a bit of soil, the plant was fine, but there was this wee patch of earth on the offside passanger's floor.  Meanwhile the taxi driver has driven up as close as I can persuade him to the apartment entrance, and the security guard comes up to give him a bad time, so I pay him in the midst of this, and he gets away before noticing all the soil off the plant.  I feel a bit bad about that, but you know, taxis.

Anyway, I don't know what you'd call it, and therefore can't google for its care.  I gather it's been in an office for several years, no details as to feeding regime.  I can say that there was probably limited natural light, though some.  I gave it a good water.  I'll have to see if Mr Mint has any kind of nitrogen feed.  IF that's what it wants.  Some of these plants you see, must be from somewhere on earth with poor feeding and less sunlight, the way you see them surviving in offices and shops.   Anyway, survive this one has, and thrived in a hard, torn-leaf kind of way.